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Jeremy Gieske

Training Consultant

Jeremy Gieske initially became involved in the National Institute on Media and the Family as a video game reviewer. He has been an avid videogame player since the days of the Apple II+ and Karateka. However, his interest has developed beyond simply playing the games, but also trying to understand the historical, social and cultural impact of video games. Jeremy's practical experience with playing video games and his strong background in mass communications help him accurately inform parents about the games their kids are playing, or want to play.

In his youth, Jeremy began public speaking as a member of his 4-H club. Since then he has had many opportunities to develop presentations and training sessions through his education and employment, and he has presented to groups ranging in size from 4 to 30 people.

As a long-time student of media, especially electronic media, Jeremy has been heavily involved with the study and development of media. He recently acquired his Masters degree with distinction from the University of Salford in Manchester, England, where he conducted empirical research on video games and the new cultural heritage they have created.

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