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10 Ways to Get Shiny Hair Naturally at Home: Best Remedies



Beautiful, shiny hair turns heads and it’s something which every woman dreams of, no matter if her hair is short, long, straight or curly. Unfortunately, it very rarely looks like that naturally as the outer layer of our hair is often damaged, which results in dry and dull looking hair.

It’s no wonder, however, as various factors may lead to unhealthy hair. Using harsh products to hair care on a daily basis, poor diet, exposing your hair to sun for too long, lack of a high quality conditioner, and stress, are among the main things that can have negative influence on your hair.

The good news is that you can change that. It requires some time and effort as healthy, shiny hair is mainly a matter of proper hair care on an everyday basis, a good diet, and healthy hair habits. Try some of the home remedies, which will give your hair a shiny look naturally, safely, and cheaply.

10 Ways to Get Shiny Hair Naturally at Home

Most of the branded hair cosmetics can actually do you more harm than good as they contain harsh chemicals. Instead, try natural solutions, which will make your hair look beautiful and shiny. Remember, though, that you will get the best results if you repeat them regularly.

1.     Avocado Hair Mask

Avocado is one of the best natural remedies for dry and dull hair. It’s rich in compounds that will moisturize you hair, giving it a smooth feel and a shiny look.

In order to prepare a hair mask you need to mash a ripe avocado and mix it thoroughly with two tablespoons of high quality olive oil. Apply the mask on your damp hair. Start with the roots and move towards the ends.

Do it really thoroughly by massaging your scalp with circular moves so that your hair can absorb all the wonderful nutrients from the mixture. Cover your hair with a shower cap and stay like that for around thirty minutes. Then wash it off and use your regular shampoo as always.

Another option for using an avocado for you hair is by mixing it with a ripe banana and a few drops of almond oil. Mash the avocado and banana and blend it with the oil thoroughly. Rub the mixture into your scalp and apply it all over your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait for a half an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water and use your shampoo as always.

If you only want to give your hair a shiny look, it will be enough to use one of the above remedies once a week. However, if your hair is really damaged follow the procedure twice a week.

2.     Apple Cider Vinegar Wash

Apple cider vinegar can wonderfully moisturize your hair, which will become soft and shiny. What’s more, it can also help you if you suffer from dandruff or when your hair is frizzy. Apple cider vinegar is also a good option if your hair looks lifeless because of the built-up residue.

Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with one part of water. Wash your hair with a regular shampoo and then apply the solution on your scalp. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.

Another option is to combine apple cider vinegar with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix equal parts of both ingredients and use it as a hair wash after you shampoo your hair.

If you follow the procedure once a week, your hair will be beautiful and shiny.

3.     Egg Mask

One of the most effective and cheapest methods for healthy hair you will find in your fridge. Eggs will wonderfully nourish your hair in just half an hour. It’s no wonder as they are a great source of lecithin, fatty acids, and protein and these are actually the compounds which your hair needs to look smooth and shiny. Moreover, eggs will also strengthen your hair and make it thick.

First, you need to beat two eggs so that they get foamy. Add to it a half cup of yogurt and two tablespoons of almond oil. Massage the mixture in your scalp and all over your hair. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait thirty minutes. Finally, rinse it off and wash your hair with your regular shampoo, but use cool water for even greater effect.

Don’t use hot water here as it can clot the egg on your hair and you may have some difficulty with washing it off. Use an egg mask once a week and your hair will be shiny and strong.

4.     Mayonnaise Mask

If you think that an egg mask is a little bit too complicated, you may use a similar, but much simpler solution. As mayonnaise consists mainly of eggs, it will create an effect close to an egg mask.

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